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CyberPal Wants to save you from Online Scams!

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Storyline: In this web-based drama, CyberPal,  the lead character, is a semi-robotic, highly intelligent, comical, yet serious  Cyber cop, with a cybernetic mission to deliver gullible internet users from the evil schemes of the scammers’ syndicate.  He is fighting against  Dr. MoneyTalk, a notorious, all-powerful and corrupt Scam Boss,  who, through his White Mule ghost and hardcore Hack Squad gangster agents,  entices cyber citizens with get-rich-quick schemes that are in fact dangerous covert scams of a hellish kind.  CyberPal must stop the enemy camp before they turn the entire online community into manically depressed e-psychopaths, with no hope for cyber redemption and a better life!

Genre: Animation/Sci-fi

Written and Directed by distinction Graduate, Rosemary Kyarimpa, Master of Fine Arts in Film (Screenwriting), Boston University

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Meet CyberPal and the Characters!

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True Grit
True GritTrue Grit

 CYBERPAL   (Lead Character)
His  cybernetic mission  is to save gullible cyber citizens from the dangerous scams of Dr. MoneyTalk and his ruthless agents. 

HACKO (Youngling # 1) 
CyberPal's Mentee and  remote orphaned relative.  He is the older brother to Cybo.  He is in charge of tracking Dr. MoneyTalk, the biggest scammer in the world.  His favorite pastime is computer programming and "White Hat" hacking.  He is currently developing a hi-tech anti-scam program to disrupt Dr. MoneyTalk's firewall. 

The Younglings
CYBO (Youngling # 2)
CyberPal's Mentee and  remote orphaned relative.  He is the younger  brother to Hacko. He is in charge of tracking White Mule, who is the deadly messenger of Dr. MoneyTalk scams to Internet users.  He is currently polishing his electromagnetic field to scam-proof standards of the Cybernetic Hall of Fame.

                                              WHITE MULE
White Mule
He is the evil Dr. MoneyTalk’s agent who is remorseless, but manages to entice  Cyber citizens with sweet sounding deals until they are drawn into the dangerous trap of online scams.  He is  the dreadful  messenger from hell!   


Dr. MoneyTalk
Chief Scam Boss and official owner of White Mule Ghost.  He is the mentor and boss of  all professional scammers, hackers, online fraudsters, and other shady personalities. He is number # 1 Scammer on CyberPal's "Most wanted" blacklist.

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Peek Preview of selected SCRIPT Scenes!

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CYBERPAL checks files on his computer, rolling green and red digits and icons on his screen.  His right ear is bandaged with silver wire gauze.  He lands on a site titled "The Money Mule" with a logo of a WHITE MULE.  The site has big header: "Mint cash while you sleep!".  He clicks on it.  White Mule NEIGHS, then talks.

Want to make money while you snore? Join our trusted system to mint cash daily.  Proven formula by Billionaire, Dr. MoneyTalk himself! 

Shut the-virus-up, you dead ass’s ghost!



The room is filled with several satellite dishes and wide screen monitors.  One of the desks with a screen Monitor is labeled "CYBO’s Electrode zone".  The second desk is labeled "HACKO’s Watchpad". Cybo and Hacko are busy manipulating electronic gadgets. Cybo’s machinery includes a large telescope. He adjusts it and White Mule’s face appears.  White Mule moves his jaws about, as if grinning.

There is no sound!

Cybo further manipulates the telescope, then opens a wide flat screen named "Electromagnetic field" below the telescope.

CYBO (Cont’d)
If I can’t catch his words, then at least I should catch his footsteps before he escapes. What a ghost hunt!

Cybo clicks on White Mule’s legs.  They are dancing.

CYBO (Cont’d)
Oh, boy, he’s free!  Hacko, White Mule is free!  

Give me a break!   My own war is raging.

Hacko manipulates his Watchpad.  Psychedelic images appear.  Dr. MoneyTalk in FLASHY red car appears in the moving images.  There is BLEEPING sound, and red color flashes on Hacko’s screen. 

Danger zone...signal lost in red!   Danger zone...signal lost in red!  Danger zone...signal lost in red!

Hacko clicks large RED button. BLEEPING sound.

I can’t believe this!  Dr. MoneyTalk bastard is off my radar!


Golden Gates close as Dr. MoneyTalk drives into Fraud city streets, amidst frenzied SHOUTS from different weird looking beings.  Most of them look like computer icons, viruses, hackers, and screensavers.  They throw confetti and USB butterflies at him.   White Mule gallops alongside Dr. MoneyTalk’s flashy red car.


Previous setting.  The room is still filled with several satellite dishes and wide screen monitors.  FAVOR screen Monitor labeled "CYBO’s Electrode zone", and the second desk labeled "HACKO’s Watchpad".

And you, HACKO?  What’s your report?

Sir, I was monitoring Dr. MoneyTalk closely, until he decided to ride in a red flashy car. 



ROBOTIC MEGAPHONE, who is the MC, is spinning records in the shape of several computer hard drive memory disks.   Icon-like beings are dancing wildly.  Each has a dancing partner that is computer-themed. The dancers include ICONS, SCREENSAVERS, SURFERS, HACKERS, and VIRUSES.  

The MUSIC stops when Dr. MoneyTalk comes in, riding White Mule.  Robotic Megaphone makes a LOUD announcement.

Attention, attention:  Internet fanatics, extinguished RAMS, broken hard drives, crashed CD ROMS, uninvited guests, ladies and gentlemen of the Cyberworld, please welcome his Highness, Dr. MoneyTalk and creator of the cash-minting White Money Mule! 

Loud hand CLAPPING, and CLANGING by several metallic guest limbs.  Dr. MoneyTalk shakes hands with several of the beings.  He is still on White Mule’s back.   Some crowd members help him off the saddle.  He stands in the center, and the crowds stand before him in awe. 

I am very pleased to see you my faithful disciples.  Today we had a mighty miracle from the MarshRooms.  For sure, the Cybernetic demons are on our side.  They answered all our curses, bad-mouthing, jealous rants and raves on the web!  Jolly good evil!  
                                                 FADE OUT.
Screenwriter, Rosemary Kyarimpa

ABOUT THE WRITER: Rosemary Kyarimpa studied at Boston University, obtaining a distinction Master of Fine Arts in Screenwriting (Film), 2007. She also studied Media Management and Social Sciences (Sociology and Literature), at the Universities of Stirling and Makerere respectively. Rosemary is a published writer of two short books, of which "Songs of the Third Life" was honored with First Prize in Short Stories, by the National Book Trust of Uganda (NABOTU). She was also a recipient of International Peace Scholarship in 2006; and a Visiting Academic Associate at the University of Cape Town in 2000. Rosemary’s creative writing works have received critical acclaim from several media houses, including The New Vision (Uganda); The Monitor (Uganda); Inter Press Service-IPS Harare (Zimbabwe); Cape Times (South Africa), German Anthropology (Zeitschrift für Ethnologie), Uganda Broadcasting Corporation, and Fine Music Radio (South Africa).

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Casting Call: Hear the Character Voices!

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Image: Karen Shaw / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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Logline: Anthony, an obsessive artist, secretly falls in love with his roommate. His violin music turns into manic fixation for unrequited love, leading to tragic consequences.

Severe Love and Violin is a psychological thriller, exploring the extremities of obsessive love, from the point of view of Anthony, a socially isolated violinist.

Anthony lacks the social skills required to start and sustain a love relationship, and hopes to make up for his lack of competence through Violin music. His neurotic musical notes are in effect an expression of his inner turbulent soul.

He is rooming with Irene, a naïve recent graduate trying to make ends meet. Irene fails to read the coded love messages behind Anthony’s violin music, and treats the lovesick Anthony with nonchalance. However, Anthony soon finds an escape out of his dilemma, by proposing marriage to Irene in his dreams.

In a desperate attempt to address his pain, Anthony seeks the intervention of a Psychologist, who gives him a more puzzling diagnosis: He is suffering from "severe love and violin”, the first of its kind in psychoanalytical therapy!

Realizing he has inadvertently put an end to his object of affection, he plays the last note on his violin, to escape from what seems to be a complicated nightmarish life.

Genre: Psychological Thriller

Format: Short (Less than 20 minutes)

Written & Directed by distinction Graduate, Rosemary Kyarimpa, Master of Fine Arts in Film (Screenwriting), Boston University.

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A Letter to Cas: Documentary Film Directed by Rosemary Kyarimpa

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Rosemary Kyarimpa's Directorial debut of a short documentary! A riveting true story, the adversity of a father as he fights to keep the love for his young son who has been separated from him!

Directed by Rosemary Kyarimpa

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